Doneyck; Was born & Raised in the South of Spain, were he was influenced by the style of music which he plays today. Doneyck always had an ear for good music, which he inputs to every set even to this day. Doneycks sets start you off on a mystical journey of deep elegant house then progressing you on to smooth grooving tech house. Doneyck grew up listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Bonnie M, James Brown, Donner Summer & Madonna, That's why his sets are varied from uplifting tech to grooving house.He has shared sets with Bob Sinclar, Mastiksoul, Kurd Mavrick, PeterGeldermblom, Wally Lopez…….
Doneyck is back with 2 club smashes El Poema & La Esperanza, these 2 uplifting tracks are already being played by Djs all over the world, Doneyck has released various tracks this year one being a remix of a classic track called King of My Castle by Wandue Project (Juan Diaz vs Alex Gomez & Doneyck Remix). He has also released a club smasher that has reach Top 36 in Beatport ,House which is also been released on a EP with Muzik X-Presscalled Dolce Vita EP, 08,14 & 24 Traxsource Tech House Chart Mamba Samba,Sound Of africa & Seduction,keep posted for all new releases this year by following Doneyck @