As old Grandpappy Juno tells all the staff on their first day, 'always pack a hardhat'. At first you haven't got the foggiest what he's on about... Then a cut like "Favela" crashes through the speakers, and it hits you like a slo-mo hardcore techno brick. Softened slightly by tingling rave rushes, this is hardhat-level electro at its grittiest. Rough Draft's remix, on the other hand, needs no safety headwear. In fact his funkified dubstep version is so slinky and sprightly you could jump around to this in that cracking birthday suit of yours and fear no real danger whatsoever. Hoi! finishes the set with a remix and while it's back to a hardhat level of electro energy and oomph, you can wear it at a jaunty angle as the basslines are much squidgier.