Gasm London / Berlin / Izmir, Turkey

Gasm has been playing his music non-stop for over 10 years. He has been spinning dance tracks since 90s in Izmir and surrounding towns.He was greatly influenced with the sounds of the 80s and 90s.Today, just like in the past, he has never changed his Oldskool head line and now Gasm mostly concentrated on beats like Techno / Tech-House / Progressive House . Gasm was also producing Breakbeat / Electro / and Funk. He is a turntable musician working in the field of experimental music. During his shows, not only Gasm's own productions and his mash-ups but also the vision shows surprises his audience. Due to the limited potentials of Izmir, he decided to carry on his performance to the other cities with the spirit of streets from the very first day with many parties. He turn any place to a warm festival atmosphere and surprise the audiance with his stage perfomance.