About Artist: Stanislav Vdovin Electronic artist born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The main creative object for Unit 21 is to find a balance between unexpressed-by-words emotionality and delicate sound design, based on minimal structures of techno and ambient music. Heavily influenced by techno music since his childhood, Stanislav Vdovin established the act Unit 21 at the age of 18. Despite his deep training in classical and jazz piano, the act was focused on deep and dark techno production. During his university years he worked in the field of sound engineering, text correction and writing, and eventually got a diploma in economics and management. In January, 2010 Stanislav Vdovin got a chance to put into practice his passions and skills by establishing the label Occasion, pointed to release modern electronic music primarily by Vdovin himself and his collaborations with Olga Shaydullina, Alexander Ananyev (Sleepy Town Manufacture), Ivan Lukyanov (Lou) and others. Creative output of the act Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 is marked by releasing on American ambient label Infraction. It is possible to describe Stanislav Vdovin's music as organic symbiosis of digital synthesis/processing, sounds of acoustic and analog instruments, and, of course, the heart and the mind. Over the years creative focus of the musician has gradually shifted from club beats through vinyl microsampling towards short-spoken, melodic compositions with diverse, rich in nuances arrangements. Functional dance music was not completely left behind, though. In 2012 Stanislav Vdovin began using the alias Worn Hood for his techno and house output with Detroit and Chicago roots; and the alias Initial Run for acid techno and electro production. This music is published by the label Dubfusion, co-owned by Vdovin.