Narcotic 303

About Artist:

I'm Alex (Narcotic 303) and I was born in Cologne in 1982. The love for techno started with me in very early. In 1992, I am excited for the song "Das Boot" by U96. Later, then "No Good" by Prodigy. Of course, I was a very hard and the Thunderdome compilations were not missing in my collection! Over the years I've taken just about every techno style. A few years later, around 1994 around, I came by a buddy at producing. With Fast Tracker 2 produce I made ??my first steps in the direction. There I learned the really important things like building and Arrangment. The years passed and in 2004 I moved to Reason 2.0. Meanwhile, I've landed in Reason 6.5 and I can not imagine away. Stylistically, I'm moving now in the direction of minimal and dub techno. Since I am very fond of GEMA-free music, I founded in 2009, the Gleichtakt Records netlabel. You can learn more on www.Gleichtakt.net