One of the UK's true electronic music pioneers, Ipswich native Kirk Degiorgio looks back on an recording career spanning close to two decades and well over 50 releases, ranging from deep techno to futuristic jazz. Degiorgio began his recording career on the seminal B12 label in 1990 with a split EP of his pseudonyms As One and Future/Past, which remain his best known aliases to this day. Subsequent releases appeared through some of the most influential labels of the past 20 years, R & SVersatile, Planet E and Mo' Wax to name a few, and while Degiorgio's reluctance to adapt to short-lived trends and fashions had him eschew mainstream attention for much of his career, his influence on the development of electronic music cannot be overstated. Much to the delight of his fans Degiorgio has recently relaunched his legendary Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART) label and has also returned to the similarly revived B12 label imprint with new material.